Thankful thought 30

The end of the month. The end of "Thankful Thought" posts. Hopefully not the end of thankfulness. I want to practice not just "Thanksgiving"  but especially "Thanks-living".  For all God has done, for all He is doing....and for all He will do in the future.

Today's Thankful Thought....Heaven.  Heaven is as real to me as Athens, GA.  I look forward to my new home there.  To the folks I love who have gone on before me.  To the folks I know OF but don't know personally - giants in the faith, like Corrie Tin Boom.  Peter the Apostle.  Ruth Graham.  John the Revelator.  Moses's Mom.  To the treasure I have sent on ahead.  To the rewards Jesus promised to those who love Him and look for His appearing. 

I am excited about Life in Heaven.  God promises pleasures forever.  Think about that.  We relentlessly pursue temporary pleasures here.  But there - it will be permanent pleasures.  We will scarcely be able to contain our joy!  We will have sweet fellowship with friends and family.  We will be free from pain and disease and sin.  Oh, glory!

That will be so fantastic that we can hardly imagine it.  I long for Heaven.All that it will bring.  For me and mine.

But most of  all, I will love seeing Jesus.  I wonder if I will laugh or cry or sing or dance or fall on my face or stand in silent amazement before Him. All of the above.  I just want to hug Him. And hear Him say...."Welcome Home".

Thankful thought 28

Yesterday, I gave thanks for friends and family that make me laugh.  Today, I want to express thanks for friends that cry with me.  Sometimes a laugh won't work.  Only a good cry.  There are really very few folks that we will let cry with us.  It's more of a private thing.  But I am blessed to have folks in my live that cry with me.  And I am thankful.

Thankful thought 27

I am thankful that I have lots of people in my life that make me laugh.  Foremost, my family.  They are just downright funny.  Every single one of them.  They make me laugh on a regular basis.  On purpose.  I am thankful for that.

A merry heart is good medicine.  And it is available without a prescription.

Thankful thought 26

Today I am thankful for trips to the beach.  Not that I have any planned any time soon.  But I love the beach.  Sunrises over the water.  Walks in the tide.  Building castles in the sand.  Breathing salt air.  I am thankful that I get to visit the beach sometimes. 

Don't fret - I slather sunscreen everywhere!!!!!!