Meet Amy

The papers are full of stories about teens and young adults that are ruining their lives....and the lives of those around them.  It can be so disheartening to read about their bad choices and the consequences that ripple through the world. 

That's why I want you to meet my friend Amy.  She is causing some ripples of her own...for good.  Amy would tell you that she's just an ordinary gal.  I don't know about that.  I've known her half her life  and she's always been beautiful and winsome and passionate. She loves people.  And she's a doer.  .

 I read a book once about helping others that said "Don't do nothing just because you can't do everything."  Maybe Amy can't do everything but she  is doing something.  Alot.  She is changing the world, two lives at a time.

Go to this site.  Read her story.  And I hope you'll be compelled to share in what she's doing..