Sometimes life's just hard

Famous line from Remember the Titans - "sometimes life's just hard. for no reason at all."  Coach Boone's wife commenting and consoling after the tragic accident of young Gary Bertier.

I love that movie.  And I can relate to that line. I prefer to blog positive, uplifting, even humorous posts but sometimes life's just hard.  Right now I have friends wrestling with really hard stuff.  Marriages in crisis (as in peril - not just a spat about where to spend the holidays).  A Mom struggling to preserve a pregnancy.  Valiant battles with cancer or other diseases.  Parents with rebellious kids. People that are hurting, really hurting. Even the carnage from Sandy in the NE.

I am sure you have the same situations and more keeping you on your knees.  As much as I hurt for my friends, as much as I cry out to Heaven on their behalf, I very much realize that I get a break from their pain.  I can find respite in the normalcy of my days.  They can't.  This reality is piercing.

So what are we to do?  I don't have steps 1,2,3 to make it all better.  All I know is to pray.  REALLY pray.  And sometimes there are things we can do that help.  Pray about what those are - don't assume you know.  While I don't recommend barging in and taking over, I think we should just do some things....not just say "let me know if I can help."  When folks are hurting, they probably don't know or won't ask what you can do to help.

  And I think it is right to hurt with them.  God help us if our hearts cease to hurt with those who hurt.  Bearing burdens.  I know it doesn't remove the load but it helps to know someone else cares enough to hurt on your behalf.

Back to that line from Coach Boone's wife....."for no reason at all".  I have to take issue with that part. As a Christ-follower, I know that nothing that happens to me is "for no reason at all".  It may be Eternity before I see the reason, but I walk in confidence that there is one.  And that it is good.  Because He is good...all the time. 

I know because He tells me so in His Word.  He promises me that all His ways are loving and faithful. That all things work together for good for those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.  That He is always at work on my behalf.  That all His plans are to prosper me and to reveal His glory. That He will never leave me. And that His grace is sufficient for all my days.

And His Word is truer than my circumstances.



This post originally appeared on February 7, 2013