Did you see that?

Sometimes Betsy will be practicing handstands for me to watch.  Invariably, she will do a perfect one...just as my head is turned.  The cry goes out "Mom, you missed it!  You didn't see it!" 

I know how she feels.  Don't you?  How many times have we done the right thing, remained strong against the odds or faithful against the pressure, and it felt like nobody even noticed?  Much less cared...Makes it hard to keep it up, to hang in there.

Other times, we might be hurting and it feels like we are so alone.  Our plight is made worse because there seems to be no one to acknowledge, or validate, our pain.

At times like these, remember that there is one who sees.  El Roi is one of the names used in the Old Testament that helps explain this aspect of God's character - "the strong one who sees".  What an encouragement to know that our hard work, our good deeds, our faithful hearts are indeed noticed by the God of the Universe.  And He doesn't merely glance our way when we master the perfect handstand; no, He sees us.  Drinks us in.  Smiles in pleasure.  He sees.
What a comfort when we are suffering, when our hearts are in agony, to know that we are not ignored.  El Roi sees.  And moves to act in His power on our behalf.  El Roi - the strong one who sees.

He sees.  And He cares.