Thankful thought 11

I am not the greatest animal lover in the world.  I won't even let our animals live inside with us.  (I told my kids that you have to be listed on our tax form in order to sleep indoors.  They think it is a law.  They are really mad at the IRS...please don't tell them any different)

But I do love our dog, Shadow, and our cat, Ninja.  And I love the ones that have gone on to their reward - Gray, Jasmine, Hershey, Quincy, Tiger, Dandelion (our kids name the pets - or is that a restatement of the obvious?) and even the fish that lived long enough to have names but not long enough for me to remember them....except for "God" and "Cinqo" it's really obvious that the names came from my kids....

I had cats and dogs growing up and I am thankful that our family has them, too.

I just don't want them inside.