Thankful thought 13

I give thanks for sports.  Not to  sports, mind you, but for sports.  Lest you think I am of the athletic sort, think again.  Not athletic at all.  (Thankfully, my husband overcompensated in his contribution of sports genes to the DNA of our offspring so each of them is very nicely gifted, athletically.  Whew.  At least I was smart enough to pick someone that would offset my lack.) 

No, I am not athletic but I do enjoy sports.  Watching them, that is.  I love how my family enjoys all things Georgia.  How we unite over W's...and L's.  Bonding over rankings and referees.  Cheering for one another in the pool or on the court.

And I love the "life lesson opportunities" that sports provide.  Although not always enjoyable, I appreciate the chances we get to learn how to be a good sport, how to press through adversity, and how to practice joy, regardless of circumstances.

I am thankful for sports!