Thankful thought 5

Today I give thanks that I get to be a Mom.  This is different than being thankful for my children (which, by the way,  I am!). I cherish this role, the experiences it brings, the rewards, the duties, even the toll it takes...on mind, body, and spirit!

I love that I got to know each of my little munchkins in a way no one else did....or could...I carried them.  Right up under my heart.  Then, at birth,  they moved from that location - right into the center of my heart.  And there they shall remain.  Forever.

I treasure the experience of breast-feeding.  Two of mine never even took a bottle (not b/c I am superwoman or even a martyr.  Nope. It's cuz that breast pump thing made me queasy. I am odd that way.)  I loved the fact that I continued to nourish them, sustain them. (My husband was most supportive of my desire to exclusively breastfeed.  Isn't that interesting.) And what a delight to find out that one of the names for God, El Shaddai, is rooted in the Hebrew word for breast!  Conveying the idea of providing comfort and sustenance and intimacy for us.  Reminding us that it takes both male and female to display the glory of God.  In His Image, He made them, male and female.

I love the role of Mom.  Cheerleader.  Teacher.  Comforter.  And, yes, corrector, sometimes.  Confidante. Encourager. Believer.  Pray-er.  Those are eternal...and divinely appointed...assignments.  Sometimes it's hard.  Most always it stretches me.  God whispers that parenting is as much about what He wants to do in me as through me.

I am thankful I get to be a Mom.