Come and drink

I was a nursing Mom.  Loved those sweet times.  Snuggling close.  Exclusive intimacy.  Meeting the need for nourishment.  Or comfort.  Lifeline.  A couple of my babies never even touched a bottle - it was all just Mommy. (My husband was amazingly supportive of breast-feeding.  Imagine that.)

When I learned the Hebrew translation for  one of the names of God, El Shaddai, I didn't need a commentary to explain that to me. Being a nursing Mom did that for me.
 El stands for power and might.  Shaddai literally means "breasted one", "pourer or shedder forth".  This reference to God describes His power but not in terms of strength or supremacy...rather it conveys His All-Sufficiency.  How He supplies all we need for life and godliness.  The source of blessing and comfort and encouragment and life. He pours Himself out to us - His Spirit, His grace, His blood. And to supply such blessing and nourishment and life, He holds us close.  Right up against Him.  Nestled to His breast, next to His very  heart.  Sweet communion.

He holds us when the world is scary and we are afraid.  He holds us when we are tired and we need to rest.  He holds us when we are discouraged and we want to give up. He holds us when we are sad and we need to be comforted.  He holds us when we are overwhelmed and we have no more strength.  He holds us when we have fallen and our knees need bandaging.  Or our heart. He is our Rock of refuge.

But not a stone-cold rock. No, He is the Rock of All-Sufficiency.  The Rock that pours forth water to quench our thirst.  Food that satisfies our soul-hunger. The Rock with Everlasting Arms that securely clutch and protect us.  And provide for us. He is All-Sufficient. Whatever our need, His ability to provide...and His heart to greater.  Abundance.  Strength.  Comfort.  For every need. Personal and intimate. 

El Shaddai.  The next time you see a nursing Mom, remember that our El Shaddai is able to supply all we need. And just like I treasured nursing my babies, He delights in being our All-Sufficient One.