Less is More -Put it off

Just wanted to check back in out your debt reduction plan.  If you have debt, you really need a plan to get out.  Seriously.  Let me know how you're doing.

Here's today's tip for you - procastinate.

Not really.  But sort of.  Paul and I read the book by David Platt, Radical, and it had some great ideas about how to live a lifestyle that kicks materialism in the teeth. I urge you to read it.  One of our takeaways was to postpone any significant purchases for a year.  In our case, significant included no car replacement, house painting, new roof, or vacation that year.  We seriously did little else other than food, school books, minimal clothes & gifts for a year.I think we could have done with even less, actually.  It was manageable.  And on the gifts thing, we requested that, in lieu of gifts for ourselves, that a donation be made to a couple of charities that we esteem highly.  It was hard for a few relatives but we loved it.  So much that we repeated the request for a couple of years. 

Why don't you try it?  A year with the fewest purchases possible.   What to do with what you don't spend???  Save. Pay off debt.  Give.....