Less is More - re-gift...with a twist

The idea of "re-gifting" is sure to bring a chuckle.  Maybe even a snicker or two.  There are sure to be opinions on both sides of the issue...and certainly some stories!  Stories that are funny or not, depending which side you are on!

Well, this idea for "less is more" puts a twist on re-gifting.  So, if you turn up your nose at the idea, give me a sentence to explain...

Our family has moved a few times and each departure left part of our heart with friends we made along the way.  Each time we moved, precious folks gave us part of their heart to take with us.  As well as gifts that we treasure.  Many pictures and items that decorate our home represent to us dear friends and valued experiences and places full of memories for which we are so grateful.  At one of our moves, a friend bought me a CD of beautiful worship songs.  Every time I played it, I teared up, enjoying the music...and the memories.

A few years later, I was the one staying and a friend was the one doing the moving.  She was one of those gals that "has everything" but I still wanted to give her something that would remind her of how I value our friendship.  That CD came to my mind - it was not just a CD...to me, it was a symbol of friendship and love ...that didn't diminish with distance.  I felt a little nervous - should I give it to her?  Would she think I was cheap?  Or tacky?  Or stupid? 

I took the risk.  She loved it!(At least she said she did!)  And so a new tradition was born.  Since then, when a friend moves out of town (across the neighborhood doesn't count for this -- those folks would just get a house-warming gift!), I ponder what vase or platter or picture or whatever can I share.  Now I'm not talking about something that I don't like and want to get rid of.  (And, in complete spirit of disclosure - so far I haven't re-gifted my set of sterling silver or my grandmother's wedding band!) But I do select something nice.  Something that I think the other person would also like.  And something that will remind them that their friendship is valuable to me.

So, a gift doesn't have to be new or unused or require cash outlay to be significant. To convey love and appreciation and value.  And more.