Less is More -

Less is more.  Less clothes means more closet space!  Having a closet that is not crammed or crowded is quite frankly a great idea.  Being able to find that certain shirt...and find that it isn't wrinkled from being jammed between other things...makes for a pleasant start to the day.  Even just looking at an organized display of clothes sends pleasurable signals to the brain!

Here's the first step to getting there - today, January 1, take 10 minutes and turn all your clothes hangers backwards.  Yes, that's right.  Turn them around to the "wrong way".  Then, as you wear that item and replace it in your closet (whether or not you clean it before replacing is up to you!), turn it back "right".  At the end of 2013, check out all the clothes you didn't wear this year.  The hangers will tell the tale.  Then toss them out of your closet. Immediately.  (Letting them "hang around" won't help your closet! You've lived a year without needing those items so you can let them go.  Less is more!)

Tomorrow, I'll share my story.  My quest of a life full of more because of less.  What started me on the journey to begin with.  And, remember, I will not be posting links to the January blog on FB daily.  Less is more :)

In the process of turning the hangers around, feel free to get rid of anything before the end of the year.  Ask youself if you really really really need 11 black shirts....