Less is More...for good

We are almost at the end.  We have examined our hearts, learned some new tips, and rid ourselves of alot of excess.  Way to go!!! Take  a moment and celebrate, however you like to celebrate. Personally, I am going to have a cold one.  Tab, that is. 

Now the challenge is to maintain our progress.  Being likeminded with your spouse about living a life of frugality is optimal.  But it will still be hard.  I recommend you ask a friend to hold you accountable.  Someone you can swap frugal ideas with.  Someone like my friend Dianna who thinks this is as fun as I do!  An adventure!  A challenge!  Woohoo!!

Then explain to your kids that this is a new way of life.  You're still going to order water when you eat out.  (If you ever do....)  Gifts will still be kept to a minimum (remember you gotta talk to extended family in July ) You are committed to refrain from replacing the excess you just got rid off.  And to continue to "shed" things consistently.

To quote my friend Tracy "Living lean is living large!"

Good luck!