Packing a lunch to feed a crowd

I just read a great book that I highly recommend to you all.  (Side note - one of the most fantastic blessings as your children get older is when they encourage you in your own spiritual walk.  I am constantly having the most edifying conversations or insight or book/website/music suggestions from my kids.  This one came from my son)  It's called Embracing Obscurity.  By Anonymous.  It's fabulous.  A must read for today's church, in my opinion.  ("Church" as in those who follow Christ, not just the 501c3 instititions)

I won't go into details - you need to get the book for that - but one mention in it triggered a thought.  The mention is of the lad in Scripture who gave his bread and fish to the disciples so that Jesus could use it to feed the multitudes.  You know the story - Jesus took that little bit of lunch and fed over 5000 people.  With baskets left over.  The book talks about how we don't even know the kid's name. 

The thought it triggered for me is one that I have long encouraged myself with.  Who packed his lunch.  Now, to be fair, Scripture doesn't tell us that his Mom packed his lunch.  I realize that.  But let's just allow ourselves a bit of sanctified imagination.  Here is a kid - the Bible refers to him as a "lad" so he most likely would have been less than 12.  There is no mention of a family with him and, since he only had a sack lunch for 1, it's pretty safe to believe he was alone.  (I mean, really, when you pack a picnic, don't you pack the whole family's lunch together?  Even if it's Lunchables, the whole meal is not toted around separately by individual family members!)

  And, let's keep going in that line of thinking - do you really think the "lad" packed his own lunch?  Even if he did (uh, yes, often my kids pack their own.  Please do not call DFACS.  They probably have my number on speed dial anyway!), I'll bet his Mom cooked it.  AND reminded him to take it with him!  Oh yes.

So I believe that  Mom prepared his lunch.  And packed it.  And since he was in the right place at the right time and had a heart that was willing to share and had enough confidence to talk to a grownup so he could offer it to the disciples,I think he had a Mom who trained him well. Yep, I think that behind that nameless lad is a Mom who did a great job at home.  She didn't merit a mention in Scripture.  She doesn't get a bumper sticker that says "My kid gave Jesus his lunch".  And we don't even know for sure she existed.  But I believe with all my heart that she was there, behind the scenes, doing her job, even though nobody noticed.

She packed a lunch.  And fed a crowd.  That's how Jesus operates.  And one day, I think we'll get to see her get rewarded. 

Next time you make a PBJ (for the bazillionth time),  remember her.