Don't buy, borrow.  And share .  It's a mindset.  You don't have to purchase everything you need.

Here are some things that are great for borrowing and sharing among friends:

1.  Maternity clothes
2.  Lots of baby items that are only used for a season
3.  Tools that you don't need frequently such as a pressure washer or a chain saw
4.  Special occasion dresses
5.  Serving pieces such as a punch bowl or silver service
6.  XL suitcases or luggage carriers
7.  Vacation homes!!

And, always, always, always, return items in better condition than you received them!

Gotta close with this thought from my friend Christine.  She said that the mentality of the world is to accumulate more and more and more in order to achieve happiness.  She is training her children in the opposite view - the way to happiness is to give and give and give.  Her idea is to "shed something" every day.  Some days it will be something tangible, material.  Other days, it might be a wrong attitude, a grudge, an emotion or a mindset that is weighing you down.  I think that is fabulous.
We can "shed" the stuff that needs to go and "share" something our friends need...especially smiles and encouraging words. 
I think I have the greatest group of friends in the universe. They make the most wonderful contributions to my life!

Your mission today -- "shed" something and "share" something.