Be happy - tips 10 & 11

Tip # 10 - Monitor music and media

We already mentioned this briefly in another tip post but it bears being singled out as its own post.  Check out your time on social media, watching movies/TV and what you are mindlessly listening to.  Major mood influencer. Beware of thinking you are spending less time than you actually are.  Cut out all social media and screen time for a solid week and see if you wind up with spare time on your hands.

Tip # 11 - Nature

Scripture says in Psalm 19 - "The Heavens declare the glory of God".  Get out there and look at it! Use your senses to take in the wonder and glory of God - listen to a nightingale's song; look at a breathtaking sunset (or better yet- sunRISE!); taste the sweetness of fresh strawberries straight from Washington Farms; smell honeysuckle on a walk through the woods; rub the wool on a lamb's back.  Experience this amazing world that God created with generous beauty.  Soak in the message His creation sends - we serve a mighty God.

And He is bigger than you and me....and our sadness.  Soak that truth up all the way into your bones!