Celebrate Easter

This Sunday, we will head to church to celebrate Easter.  New clothes, pretty flowers, yummy food.  All good things but what are we celebrating?  Let's take a few minutes to focus on what the day really means.

Jesus died.  The One who healed folks who couldn't see or walk.  He even brought some back to life. The One who fed the hungry. The One who loved people to wholeness, showed them how to live.  The One who said if we saw Him, then we had seen the Father. 

This One, the Hope for all the world, died.  And He said He had to.  That it was why He came. To be the perfect sacrifice, required for the sin of the world.  Can you imagine how His followers felt?  Talk about grief and disappointment and confusion.  I mean, really, they followed this Man and believed that He was going to change the world.  Then He ups and dies.  Certainly they must have had a few moments of doubt - if He were really who He claimed to be, wouldn't He have asserted a little Divine power and wiped out the bad guys??

Then, to the amazement of them all....even though He had told them...His body isn't in the tomb.  He appears!  Living and breathing!  NO WAY!!!

  He paid the debt we owe God .  Sin is costly - it exacts death from those who commit it.  And Jesus's voluntary death was the only means by which our debt could be paid.  So He paid it.  Mercy.  Amazing mercy.  Love beyond compare.

But then He did the impossible.  He defeated Death!  No longer would man have to fear Death because Jesus overcame it!  Not only can our sin be paid for so that we can be acceptable to God, but we now don't have to fear Death.  He conquered it!  Because of His resurrecting Himself, He gives to us the promise of resurrection.  To live forever, without sin or death. Oh hallelujah!

This year, as we celebrate Easter,let's focus on what His death AND His resurrection do for us.  And ponder, just for a moment, that this same power that raised Jesus from the dead resides in us. NOW.  Is there anything in your life that could use some resurrection power?  A relationship?  A dream?  Finances?  Self-control?  Joy?  Hope?  Because of Easter, that power, that Glory, can be present in our lives through Jesus.  Those of us who are Christ-followers have resurrection power that enables us to live supernatural lives.  If that doesn't describe you, do you want it to?

Celebrate Easter.  For real.