How to be happy - part 4 -Systems error

Sometimes our sadness can be the result of some sin that separates us from the source of joy.  So we can confess it and have our Joy restored.  Sometimes, though, our lack of joy is a "systems error".  We feel discouraged or disheartened or disturbed because we have an insurmountable "to do " list.

Tactic #5-
Establish systems that lead to success.

In other words, if your family frequently gets frustrated because they have no clean clothes to wear, then you have a systems problem.  Figure out how to fix it.

If you feel stressed repeatedly ("stress" is the antithesis of "joy") because it's almost dinnertime and you're not prepared to feed your crew, then you have a systems problem.  Check your priorities.

If your daily routine is anything but routine, then you have a systems problem.  It needs to be repaired.

If the numbers on the scale or on the receipt of the ATM transaction cause you to be distressed, then you need to address the appropriate system.

Sometimes the path to joy is systematic.  :)