Psalm 23:2b

He leades me beside quiet waters.

A sheep will not drink from rushing waters or from a swirling stream.  Other animals will, but not sheep.  Sheep need calm, quiet sources of fresh water. Turbulent waters or even murmuring springs are frightening to sheep.  They have to have quiet and fresh water sources. A shepherd takes great care to locate proper sources for drinking.  Some streams are too agitating.  Some still water is stagnant.  Sheep need a quiet but fresh supply of water.   Oftentimes, there are no such bodies of water in the area of their grazing.  In those times, the early morning dew soaking the pasture grasses are their best source of hydration.

Thoughts that result from this knowledge of sheep and meditation on verse 2b -

1.  We need spiritual water. We are on a constant quest in hopes of getting that thirst satisfied.
2.  Our thirst is not quenched from frenetically paced lives. Trying to drink from a chaotic lifestyle puts us in turmoil. Nor is it quenched from temporary things like riches, fame, popularity, success.  These things are stagnant waters which give an initial sense of refreshment but soon leave a sickening taste in our mouths and stomachs.
3.  Early morning is a good time to get the spiritual hydration that we need.
4.  Divine water is found in a quiet, still state. Time in His presence, in His Word.
5.  Jesus tells us that He is the source of living water and that if we drink from Him, we won't be thirsty for lesser sources, things that don't satisfy.
6.  This living water that Jesus offers His sheep comes from the Throne of God and of the Lamb (Christ).  It is His love and His joy, available to us all if we come to His Throne to drink.  Here we are free from fear and worry, full of joy and  contentment.

Isaiah 40:11 promises us that Jesus is taking care of us, leading us to the living waters that we need.  Check it out.  It's even got a precious extra promise for Mommies.
"Like a shepherd, He will tend His flock, in His arm, He will gather the lambs, and carry them in His bosom; He will gently lead the nursing ewes."