Psalm 23:5c

My cup overflows

The psalmist just told us about the table the shepherd has prepared and the oil which anoints the head.  Now, the cup.  Why a cup?  Why not a platter or a bowl or a pitcher?  hmmmmm.....let's see...

First, let's notice the pronoun "my".  Not "the" or "a" but the personal pronoun "my".  The point conveyed here is that of individual attention from the shepherd.  Personal, not corporate.  The shepherd deals with us intimately, according to our individual needs and bents. And that's how He blesses us.  Specifically, individually, personally. Not en masse.

Now, "cup".  In Scripture, "cup" is often a metaphor for an individual's lot in life, his "fate", so to speak. In Bible times, when a host wished to welcome his guests and express his desire to share abundantly with them, he offered them  a cup of choice wine, and carefully filled it up till it ran over.  The over-full glass of wine implied that while they remained there, they should have an abundance of everything.  This verse tells us that the Good Shepherd fills our "cup", not partially nor even to the brim, but rather abundantly overflowing.  Get the picture... a cup with liquid spilling over, gushing down the sides, with Jesus is extravagant!

Here are some of what fills us to overflowing

-Salvation. “The cup of salvation” (Ps. 116:13). Jesus' blood abundantly satisfies the wrath of God.
- Satisfaction. “Filled the hungry with good things” (Luke 1:53). He alone satisfies our deepest longings.
- Happiness. “Filled our hearts with . . . gladness” (Acts 14:17). He fills us up, over and over, forever!
- Peace. “Filled you with joy and peace” (Romans 15:13). God is the overflowing Fountain, the River of life and peace and joy.
- Holy Spirit. “Be filled with the Spirit” (Eph. 5:18).
-Suffering.  (Phil. 3:10) The cup of suffering is one all of us must taste. It is a part of life. It's inescapable. Our suffering may differ. For some people it is physical pain; hard, unrelenting, pain. For some people it is mental suffering. What decision will I make? Which road shall I take? For others it is the suffering we call heartache; that deep pain that goes to the innermost part of our being. The kind of suffering may differ, but every one of us must taste the cup of suffering.  And when we do, we find precious fellowship that is only possible through pain.

In Matthew 26:29 Jesus speaks of a cup that He will not drink until He drinks it with us in Heaven. I asked my friend Susan about it because she is an expert on all things Jewish.  This cup is one of the 4 cups of the Passover observance.  The 4th cup is the cup of praise.  Sounds to me like Jesus is telling us His joy won't be complete until we are all with Him for Eternity in Heaven.  Only then will He drink the cup of praise. Our salvation perfected. Completed. Joy.  In abundance. Our cups, running over.  Amen and amen!!