Thy Kingdom Come

The first index, or topic, we find in the Lord's prayer is that of worship.  We acknowledge the holiness of God, His Worthiness.  We come as His beloved children, but we come aware that, apart from the righteousness of Christ bestowed on us when we trust Him to save us, we could not enter into His presence.
That realization causes us to worship Him, in wonder and love and reverence. Knowing His name, we attest to the attributes that reveal His glory.  We praise Him for His majesty, His sovereignty, His power, His compassion, His provision, and on and on.   That's what it means to fear God.  We are so aware of our UNworthiness to be in His presence -- we realize that we deserve to be melted to nothingness in the fire of His Holiness.  And, yet, because of Jesus's righteousness and the mercy of God to accept His payment on our behalf, we can approach the Throne of God...confidently, even with boldness.  That's practically scandalous! 

Note:  this should evoke a question in your mind - "does God hear the prayers of those who don't have the righteousness of Christ?"  Let me hear what you think.

On to the next topic that Jesus instructed us to cover in prayer - "Thy Kingdom Come".  Our worship gives birth to allegiance.  We line up our desires to be in order with His.  We express that He is indeed the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and that we are citizens of His Kingdom.  As such, we focus our hearts on the furtherance of His Kingdom here on Earth.  Our priorities are consistent with His.  We seek His Kingdom and His righteousness first. 

This topic sentence includes our longing for Heaven, when we will be with Him forever, our commitment to pursue Him above all else, and our desire to see others come to Him.  As we respond to His Glory in worship, we then acknowledge His rightful claim on our lives.  Our hearts are ready to listen as He reveals any area where our allegiances are to this world rather than His Kingdom. Any place in our lives where something else is preeminent to His Glory. Anything less than denying self to daily take up our cross for His Kingdom.  Any love that matters more than His.

Wow.  No wonder He commanded that we pray without ceasing. 

Worship.  Allegiance.  The first steps of prayer.