Turtle attack

Yes, I got attacked by a snapping turtle today.  I was on a power walk when I noticed a large turtle in the middle of the road.  Cars are constantly zooming down this road and I was concerned it might get hurt.  So, like I have done scores of times in the past, I moved the turtle.  Unfortunately, he was NOT as concerned about the possibility of becoming road kill and consequently did not cooperate with my Good Samaritan lifesaving mission.  He coped in the only way he knew how.  He attacked.  I managed to avoid his snapping mouth but I was no match for his bionic claws.  He left a couple of gashes on my fingers.  So much for trying to help the critter!!!  In spite of gushing blood all over the road, I got him safely to the side among the leaves and rocks.  I continued on my exercise quest...and watched him head right back to where I rescued him from!! Oh well.

I finished my walk, washed up the wounds, dutifully applied antibiotic cream, bandaged up, and couldn't wait to share my funny story with the rest of the Moms waiting on kids at swim practice.  I was laughing until one friend shared about an acquaintance who had recently been clawed by a dog, didn't treat the wounds, and died four days later.  Haunted not only by that information but also knowing what my own Mother would say, I called my doctor.  Now I am on oral antibiotic and on my way to get a tetanus booster (even though my last one was less than 10 years ago....doctor's orders...sigh).  All for a dumb turtle that didn't even ask for help!!!

Moments of reflection.  There's a life lesson in here.  (Well, of course!)  Sometimes we try to help someone and it turns out differently than we anticipated.  Not only are we not a hero, we are often wounded in the process.  The person (or situation) we are attempting to aid doesn't want our assistance.  They may not even know they need it.  Probably there are times we offer help when we just need to leave things alone.  Other times, the person might allow us to help and we can move on without incident.  Sometimes, though, the process is gonna get messy.  They may claw or bite or do whatever they can in order to refuse our remedy.  They may be hurting so profusely that this is all they can think of to do.  Or, they might just simply want to stay right where they are, in spite of the danger of oncoming cars.
So what are we to do? 

I don't know. 

Somehow we have to figure out if we need to leave them alone.  Or come back later.  Or try another tactic (like maybe I should have used a stick to push Tommy Turtle out of the road???). Or maybe we are wrong and they don't need help after all!  What a novel possibility!

Sometimes, though, we just need to do what needs to be done and do it regardless of what it may cost us.  We gotta get them out of the middle of the road.  It might result in personal injury.  It might wind up taking a lot more time than you thought initially.  And it might make you wonder if you did the right thing after all.  But you gotta try and help.

For the record, I'm glad I saved the turtle.  Even if he never realizes it.  I'm glad.