Asking Daddy

We have a close family friend who has two daughters.  Those girls are all grown up now, but when they were little, their Daddy did the sweetest thing with them. 

He gave them a very generous weekly allowance.  Truth be told, they were probably the envy of all their friends. He provided well for them, taking care of each and every need but the allowance was the sweetest of all.  The girls didn't have to earn their allotment in any way but their Daddy did have one stipulation.  He would only dispense it to them on Sunday nights and they had to remember to ask him in order to get it.  If they forgot, he never scolded them or deprived them of other things but the allowance, well, they had to ask for it.  In fact, they had to climb up in his chair, snuggle close, spend some time talking and just love on their Daddy. Then they could ask.  And he most gladly complied, delighted to be with them and provide what they asked for.  Seems like I remember that he often gave them more than they expected. Just 'cause he was so kind and generous and, 'cause he could.  All they had to do was ask.

Reminds me of my Heavenly Father, my Abba. Now I know I'm getting awfully close to some dangerous UNtruth like "name it claim it" but I think there's a real parallel here.  Maybe God's point in having us pray is so we can snuggle up close to Him.

Maybe we miss out on a lot He'd love to do for us because we never get around to asking.  Maybe we all oughta climb up in His lap right now, snuggle close, and love on our Daddy.  He loves to give good gifts to His children.