Happy birthday, Jonathan

One year ago today, the world changed completely.  The 2nd cutest little boy in the universe was born.  My Katie had Jonathan.  And nothing will ever be the same again.

Folks ask Paul and me if we like being grandparents.  We don't know how to answer cuz we don't feel like grandparents!  We still have two kids of our own and home so we are still knee deep in parenting.

So, what's grandparenting like?  Not sure.  But watching my firstborn be a Mommy, well, that's something I can talk about.  It is GRAND indeed!  She's a really really really good Mom.  She's smart and organized and happy and fun and wise and totally smitten with this kid.  I would like to take credit for it, truly I would.  But I am not stupid and I know I am not responsible for the job she's doing.  It's just God's grace, pure and simple.  Her obedience in love and God's grace in abundance.  Boy, it's fun to watch.

And, Jonathan, well, we are pretty sure he's perfect.  He's really cute. I'll try to post a picture so you can see for yourself.  And really smart and fun and adorable.  You are probably thinking "of course she would say that!  "  You don't have to take my word for it, though.  You can ask Cap'n.  Or Bunky.  Or Ruru.  They will tell exactly the same thing.  The only thing possibly wrong with this little boy is that he lives too far away.  Next door to me would be far better.

Happy birthday, JMA.  You are our treasure.  (and our reward for not killing your Mommy a couple of times???)  I pray for you all the time and I look forward to watching God's answers in your life through the years. You will be a man of courage and compassion and integrity and wisdom.  Cap'n and I love you.  Come see us soon.  If necessary, bring the 'rents :)

And let's practice saying "Suzie".  It's the magic word to get ice cream and puppy dogs and tractors.