The power of life

The power of life, the power of death.  The power is in the tongue.  The choice of which to employ resides in our hearts.

The power of life-

A gentle answer turns away wrath (Proverbs 15:1a)

Wow.  How many times have I been the blessed recipient of this!  A husband who responds with gentle kindness diffuses anger.  A customer service representative who listens without interrupting and says "I am sorry for the problem" unruffles frayed nerves. A Mommy who speaks softly, though firmly, calms a distraught child. A friend who replies to our outrage with  peaceful empathy can prepare our hearts to hear the (gentle) truth a bit later.

A gentle answer.  Notice that Scripture doesn't say "a correct answer".  Being "right" isn't always best.  Being gentle is.

A gentle answer.  I think that God is helping us understand that ignoring another's wrath isn't an option.  Answer it.  Just do it gently.  "No response" isn't a gentle answer.  It can sound like harsh words.

A gentle answer.  The power of life.