The path

I was whining the other day.  Not out loud or anything.  And, of course, not to God (ha ha!!).  Just whining to myself in the car.  Generally about the demands on me for this particular stage of life. Looking at the grass on the other side (wherever that is).  Complaining to myself about all sorts of things.   Having a pretty good pity party, actually.  Too bad no one else could come! 

Apparently the Lord heard me, though.  Because I heard Him say something like "count your blessings".  I ignored Him and continued on my way, carrying out some task that was being required of me at that moment.  Sigh.  Poor me. 

As I was driving back home, I passed a house with a large something at the end of the driveway and a sign that said "FREE".  Well, I am Queen of Frugality and I know that you can't get much better than "FREE".  So I slowed down to take a look at the large something, fully expecting a pile of trash.  (Remember the frame of mind I was in!)

"Trash" it was NOT!  It was an adorable John Deere motorized two seat tractor!  My mind is slow but my imagination is fast and I immediately conjured up pictures of Betsy and Jonathan riding around in my yard.  OH yes!  As I drooled over the little tractor and especially the sign that said "FREE", a man came out of the garage and confirmed that I could indeed have this treasure.  He helped me load it up and I was singing as I drove towards home.

Jesus tapped me on the shoulder and this time I listened.  I told Him I was sorry I'd been whining and before I could elaborate, He said something like this - " If you hadn't been fulfilling your obligations  today, you'd have missed this tractor.  I set it out especially for you.  So that you would know that there are blessings and treasures on the path I have marked out for you.  Blessings and treasures that otherwise you would not have. Trust me."

I nearly drove off the road, blinded by tears of gratitude and joy and amazement.  He is so good to me!  More than just a free John Deere motorized two seat tractor.  Way more.  He doesn't yell at me for whining, like I deserve.  Instead, He lovingly blesses me to remind me that He "will make known to me the PATH OF LIFE.  In His presence is fullness of joy and in His right hand, there are pleasures forever".  Psalm 16:11

By His grace, I will embrace that truth.  The path He has marked out for me may be hard sometimes.  It might appear less desirable than a path that I can see across the way.  But I must know that His Word is tru-er than my circumstances and that His path for me is good.  Full of blessings and treasures.  His path for me is the best way. 

Because He's on it.