Tips for good service

Mark 10:45   For even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve"

Good service.  We all want to get it.  Actually, we all expect it.  How good are we at giving it?

Christ set the example for us -- He, for whom and by whom all things are created, sets His priority on serving.  What can we learn from that?

1.  There is much joy in serving.  Especially when it's inconvenient.  When I meet a need for someone else, I am rewarded with a deep satisfaction, a treasured  happiness that can only come when I strive to please someone else instead of myself.  Simple things, complex acts - doesn't matter.  Serving someone else is sweet.

2.  Begin at home.  Frankly, its harder to serve here than at church or in the community.  Even though these are the folks we love the best and presumably want to serve the most!  Go figure.  But service should be at home first and best above all other places.  I think we women have an advantage over fellas when it comes to serving.  We seem to have serving programmed into our DNA but, trust me, it still is a choice.  A daily choice.  Now I firmly believe that children should do chores (yes, little urchins of mine - lots of them!!) but Mom should be the greatest servant of all.  "Great" in terms of not only quantity of service but especially quality.  Cheerful service.  Glad spirit.  Willing heart.  Doing things noticed and unnoticed. Without complaining. Wives, don't let your husband out-serve you.  Allow me a brief moment on the soapbox here.....the Church has done a great job instructing husbands in being servant-leaders.  And so they should.  But I fear that we have all too happily seated ourselves in our easy chairs while our husbands perform their "rightful" service.  Treat your hubby like a King.  OK, I'll get down now.  Gotta get cheese grits finished for my house's King :)

3.  Serve at home and then serve at church.  Most folks I know are doing a great job at this.  It hardly needs a mention.  In fact, I worry more about folks that are doing too much rather than not serving at all!!!  But just in case you are merely warming a pew, I suggest that you find a place to serve. A regular commitment.  A place where it matters if you don't show up.  And then serve your heart out!

4.  Look for the serendipitous chances to serve.  Picking up paper towels off the floor in public bathrooms is a favorite of mine. (Yes, Mom, I wash my hands after!!!)

5.  Serve others in their times of need.  Now, I gotta tell you - I think the community I am part of does a great job at this.  Taking meals.  Helping out with others' kids. Acting as personal moving service.  Providing Christmas for needy families.  Praying for each other faithfully. On and on and on.  If you need some real live examples, come check out the crowd I get to hang out with at Watkinsville First Baptist. 

I have heard folks excuse their lack of serving with "It's not my gift".  Well, my goodness, how convenient.  But how wrong.  All those spiritual gifts that we seem to want to pick and choose?  Well, Scripture actually commands us to exercise each one of them.  Yep.  Check it out.  We will have one or two that dominates our motivation but we are all exhorted to give, show mercy, teach, prophesy,  have wisdom and faith.....and to serve.  Especially to serve.  Christ is our example.

Don't expect to be applauded or even noticed for your service.  In fact, hold out hope that you won't be!  Because  your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

One last tip for good service -- if you're like most women, you are much much much more comfortable doing the serving as opposed to receiving the serving.  Probably you protest "no really I'm fine!" and decline offers to help.  Don't.  Even if it makes you uneasy, sometimes you need to let somebody else relish the joy by doing something for you. :)