What I don't do

Sometimes I'm asked "how do you do it all?".  A couple of times recently I've had requests for a post on how I balance all I do and how I manage to "get it all done".  So I'm responding.

I will share some tips that help me be more productive and efficient..
.later.  But first I want to call attention to the primary truth - I don't  do it all.  First, I'm going to share some of the (many) good things that I don't do.  Some things I want to do but can't right now. 

I don't work out for an hour every day at the gym.  OK, confession - this one I don't want to do!! But I know it's a good thing.  And I heartily applaud those who do.  What I can manage is 20 minutes on the treadmill 4-6 times each week.  I know some of you are splitting your sides with laughter over how pathetic this is.  I know.  It is.  But it's what I can commit to do and for a year I've sustained. For the sake of blood sugar and cholesterol control, it's what I can do.  I have done a couple of outside my home programs that I loved and hated to give up but, for time's sake and considering the fact that I have workout equipment in my basement already, I did.

I don't have 20 children.  I have only 4 and only two are still at home.  I wish I had more.  I admire my friends with 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 11.  But, candidly, when I was in the stage of having babies, I lacked the faith to believe I could have any more.  I felt more than overwhelmed.  Funny thing is, I still do.  No matter how many are at home or how many I had at the time, parenting always makes me feel overwhelmed, more than I can handle.  I actually think that's God's design.  We can't parent the way He calls us to.  So we are pressed to Him, ever aware of our inadequacy, of our desperate need for Him.  Still, having only four and having just two at home now does free me up to do some things (like write and teach Bible studies) that I probably wouldn't attempt if I had 20.  Sure would be fun to have just two more, though.......

I do homeschool but I don't do it all myself.  When my kids hit middle school, I take advantage of outside resources.  I am blown away by the women who successfully teach calculus and physics on their own but I consider myself blessed that tutors exist to supplement my educational efforts. BTW - I don't consider it a litmus test of spirituality to homeschool.  I absolutely love it and am daily grateful that God called me to it.  If you don't feel this bubbling up inside you (although I do admit to having "quit" numerous times and calling the "principal" to "fix his children") then probably you aren't called.  No big.  Once, a precious friend made the comment about my "having to homeschool" and I nearly came unglued.  I don't HAVE TO HOMESCHOOL -- I GET TO!!!!!

I don't cook gourmet meals nor grind my own wheat.  Both of which are wonderful things to do.  I just don't do them.  Something on the table at mealtime is my goal.  And we have lots of CORD.  (That would be "clean out refrigerator day").  I learned from my daughter's dear MIL that YOYO is a lovely and highly commendable entree...."you're on your own"!!!!
I don't decorate my house.  Because I don't know how!!!  If it weren't for a couple of treasured friends, I would have no idea what color to paint my walls or what light fixtures are appropriate.  Some of you might get lovely ideas from Pinterest but, for me, well, my home is not pinnable. :)

I haven't been called to adopt or foster.  Now I firmly believe that God calls us to help the orphans (and the widows) but I just as firmly believe that He assigns different roles to us all.  I often provide financial and practical help to those whom He calls to house them, all the while recognizing and appreciating the vast difference in their role of 24/7...forever.

I don't spend an hour each day in Bible study.  Some days, honestly, I do.  But some days, honestly, I don't.  I get a quick glance at the verse-a-day calendar and ask God to make it stick in my heart. 

I don't scrapbook. I don't know what else to say about that except I admire those who do.  My children may need counseling when they grow up.  Especially Betsy whose baby book consists of things stuffed in a shoebox.  Oh well.

I don't work outside the home for pay.  I have before and it's hard to get dinner on the table and laundry done and floors mopped and baths done and little hearts filled after work.  So I didn't.  I opted for baths and hearts and let the rest go.  (Still do that sometimes and I don't have an outside job!!!)

I don't serve in the community.  My husband does but I don't.  While he's out saving the world, I am home cleaning and mending his cape.  Works for us.

Along the same lines, I am not extremely involved in lots of kids' activities.  I would flunk at being room Mom.  That's probably why God called me to homeschool.  Back to "YOYO".....

I don't do crafts.  That's not to say I'm not crafty LOL!

At this time, I am not leading a discipleship group.  I love discipleship groups (I think some of my SQUASH-ers might read this -- I love you and miss you and am grateful for times we have together! And if you don't know what "SQUASH" is, well, it's our secret!!) but right now I am teaching a large-type Bible study and my husband said "no" to discipleship group right now.  He is the gatekeeper of my schedule and our lives would be a wreck otherwise.  Because I don't ever want to say no.

I don't clean much.  Seriously.  My house is "picked up" b/c I don't like clutter but "clean" is a different story.  When I read stuff about cleaning baseboards and ceiling fans and the like, well, I just stop reading.  My goal is for you to not need to be up to date on your tetanus booster when you come to visit.  Or to trip over the trash bags.  But white glove standard, I'm not.  This saves me lots of time.  In spite of the fact that my son has dust mite allergies......I think I'd best not apply for Mom of the year!

In another post, I will share some things that do help me be productive and more efficient and while this list of what I don't do is not complete, it's long enough to give you the idea.  I don't "do it all".  I don't do a lot of things that those asking the question do.  No one "does it all".  But we all have all the time we need to do what God has called us to do.