Helmet of salvation

In keeping with our theme in recent Wednesday's Word posts, let's continue with our armor.  Next piece - helmet of salvation.

  and take the helmet of salvation Ephesians 6:17a

First, what is it?  The helmet, obviously, protects the head.  Our heads need protection because the mind is where the battle takes place.  The helmet provided for the Christ-follower is "salvation". To understand this significance, let's consider the fact that salvation has three facets to it.  The first is "justification", God's declaration that a person is made acceptable to Him by grace through faith in Christ, receiving the Spirit of Christ.  The second facet is "sanctification", the process by which a Christ-follower is conformed to the image of Christ, the work of grace through the soul. The final aspect of salvation is "glorification", when a believer enters Eternity and is transformed in body to be immortal and incorruptible.

This protection of thought with regard to salvation gives the believer confidence that the relationship with God is secure, that God is indeed doing the work of transformation in one's life, and that one's eternal future is assured. Such confidence wards off the thoughts of doubt and fear and insecurity propelled by the Enemy.

This helmet is also a reminder to the believer to renew one's mind through Scripture, thus transforming one to the image of Christ....further protection from the darts of the devil.  This commitment to  mind renewal undergirds the confidence just mentioned.

One final thought on the helmet.  The helmet referenced in this passage was one worn by the Roman soldier.  It was made of metal and covered not only the head but also the face.  Atop the helmet was a plume, a large colorful feather that identified the army to which the soldier belonged.  Get the picture - in battle, you would know who your allies were by the color of the feather on their helmet.  What message is conveyed to us by this feature of the helmet?  A conspicuous lifestyle, one that clearly identifies us as a follower of Christ. That offers great protection from the Enemy in the battle.

Confidence that our salvation is assured.  Commitment to renew our minds.  A conspicuous lifestyle that tells the world who we belong to.  Our helmet.