Day 1 - ThanksLIVING

I promised updates on our ThanksLIVING focus.  So far today, I explained the concept to Betsy, gave her the ThanksLIVING "Advent" Calendar.  Day 1 project was to make cards for the police station, our neighbor across the street, and the post office.  Tomorrow we will make cookies and deliver them with the cards over the next couple of days.

Betsy is "all in".... at least for now.  And the chocolate kiss for each day helps :)

Oh, and this next idea has become a family tradition.  Not sure how long we have done this but we love it.  Paul distributes $10 to each of us with the charge to find someone to bless with it in some way.  Can't be an organization, has to be an individual.  Preferably a stranger and something we wouldn't have done otherwise.  We have until Christmas to bless someone somehow.  Then we share the blessing by telling our story when we gather Christmas Eve.

Are any of you doing random acts of kindness for Christmas?  Please share if you are!