TIPS for the UNorganized

The goal of this post is to correct the misperceptions of my friends.  Those who think I am organized.  I AM NOT.  Seriously, I am not. I really really really wish I were.  I so admire organized people!  I long to be so.  But I am not.  "Organized" applies to many of my friends, too many to name in fact.  Friends whose pantries have order to them.  Not places where many things have to be moved in order to get an item out.  Friends whose linen closets have sheets neatly stacked.  Not one where it's luck to even find flat sheets that match fitted sheets.  Oh, snap, to even find both types of sheets, much less ones that match!  Friends who use systems to group together bank statements or recipes or photos.  Systems that surpass a file folder crammed full with contents that spill out so the folder has to be housed in a bag.  Friends who calmly retrieve papers or items or facts w/o panicking thoughts that perhaps early Alzheimers is the explanation for inability to do so. 

Organized I am not.  But out of self-defense, I have developed coping mechanisms over the years and I want to share some with you.  In hopes that you can discover a new tip or two that will help.  If you're looking for organizational guru suggestions, try Pinterest.  My thoughts aren't pinnable.  But there might be one or two that give you hope. Or keep you from dissolving into tears over missed appointments. 

So, for the month of January, I will share things that I do to survive.  I am planful and perhaps efficient and putting these traits in action keep me from drowning.  Or running away.  I would love to hear some things that you do, too, because I am perennially on the lookout for more things that make life easier for my UNorganized self.