Clean kitchen

Even though I am truly not organized, I don't like clutter and chaos.  I function well in a harmonious environment.  This explains why my cabinets and closets look like they do - as long as I don't have to look at them, I don't mind so much! Just keep my living space tidy and I'm OK!!

This is especially true for my kitchen. It's such an integral part of not only my day but also each member of my family that its appearance affects the atmosphere of our home. " Dirty and cluttered" spreads negativity.  .  Being greeted by dirty dishes in the sink or pandemonium on the counters when I wake up in the morning or come in from a long day drains the energy from me.  It seems to take more strength, time, and thought to clean up at those points than it does just before bed or right before I head out the door. Conversely, clean and tidy living space translates positively to our attitudes.    So I make sure my kitchen is clean before I leave the house or go to bed. 

I found years ago that this simple strategy brings huge payoff. (  And "clean" doesn't have to mean suitable for surgery.  Just no dishes in the sink.  Counters wiped off.  Items returned to proper places.  A quick floor sweep is a bonus but not mandatory. ) It's not only a boost to our spirits but it's also easier to maintain a clean kitchen once it's tidy. If it's dirty or cluttered, it acts like a magnet to attract more chaos.  That little bit of extra effort is certainly worth the trouble.

A friend told me about a website that has some great tips and step by step instructions on keeping your house in order.  She suggests that the first thing to do is "shine your sink".  I like her site.  Although I don't technically "shine my sink", I like her approach and her systems.  And I really like a kitchen that's ready for me to enjoy!

Tip for today - clean the kitchen before bed and/or leaving the house