GIfts in a minute

Gift box.  Invaluable.  I keep a box of gift items under my bed and when it's time for a birthday party or a hostess gift, we go shopping.  Under my bed.  Another box full of wrapping paper, gift bags, tape, tissue paper, note cards, scissors.  ALL ITEMS must be returned to the box after use.  Well, not the used paper,  just the scissors, tape, and remaining wrapping stuff.  You get the idea.  Saves tons of time and $$$ and sanity.  All in one place.

I stock up on things when I find a good deal or something that I think kids, friends, etc would like.  Right now, I have some things from Bath and Body Works recent semi-annual sale, some Pottery Barn deals, Christmas china (I like to give this as wedding gifts to summer brides), gorgeous candles, and some Southern Living closeouts.  From time to time, I stock up on iTunes gift cards, too -- these are always appropriate for tweens and teens. 

That's my survival tip for today!