New Year's Day Tip

Today, I will cook a bunch of black-eyed peas.  My Mom will cook the collard greens because I can't stand them - but I will surely take a bite as I have for as long as I can remember....because it's good luck!  I won't do laundry (although I think that somewhere in my unremembered past I surely must have washed clothes on New Year's Day and have been consequently condemned to the perennial laundry duty that is my current existence.....).  And watch football with family and friends. 

My organizational tip for today is to relax.  Replenish.  Recharge your batteries after a demanding holiday season.  And look forward to this month of tips, realizing that you don't have to be the organized person all the magazines urge you to be.  When I worked in the corporate world, management training seminars instructed us to "work smarter, not harder".  That's my mantra as a wife, a mom, and a woman.  Smarter, not harder.

So today, relax.  We'll start forming new habits tomorrow.  See ya then!