Planning meals

Survival tip for today is simple.  Plan meals on a weekly basis.  On Sundays, I get the family's schedule for the week so that I know who will be home when and therefore when I need to cook.  As in, if Dad's not home, we will probably have CORD  (Clean Out Refrigerator Day).  Or if everyone is in and out all evening, it might be YOYO  (You're On Your Own)

Planning our meals this way enables me to take advantage of the blocks of time available to prepare as much in advance as possible.  Browning ground beef, thawing chicken, chopping veggies, etc., goes a long way towards keeping me out of the fast food drive through.  Although I do confess that Tuesday night $5 pizza is evidence of God's abundant grace!

Try putting this idea into practice today.  Plan what you will prepare for dinner every night this week. And write it down.  I even have a chalkboard in the kitchen where I list the week's menu.  This not only keeps me on track, it helps reduce the "what's for dinner" queries!