Stop the crazies

Today's survival tip for unorganized folks like me -

Don't over commit, especially to children's activities.

Easier said than done, I realize.  But if you are lucky enough to start (or stop!) early, your kids will already know the deal.  One activity at a time.  Seriously.  Soccer or musical theater or art lessons.  Not all three at once.  If you have multiple kids, one activity per semester is enough for you to handle.  That's already lots of game snacks to sign up for !!!  As they get older, MAYBE two - as in, piano is all year long and you can add basketball for the season.  But don't get suckered in to thinking that you are depriving your child if they are limited to few activities. It will be hard, especially if your friend group is consumed with activity.  Try this approach.  If you need help, enlist hubby or a close friend to help you stick to it.

  It's better for you.  It's better for them.  More focus, less chaos, more family time, less harried Mom.  I still remember the Spring no one did softball or baseball.  It was blissful.  And all my kids have grown up without needing counseling.  At least, when they do go, they don't point to that as the origin of their problems!