The main thing

I deliberately saved this tip for last.  It could've been the first one, because it really is the most important.  Without this tip, none of the others matter at all.

Yesterday I shared a couple of things I learned during my years at the Chick-fil-A office.  Today, I have another one.

Truett used to say "The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." 

What's your main thing?  Are you keeping it the main thing?

For me, that means  a commitment to regular time with the Lord.  This is what guides me, transforms me, equips me.  I can have all organizational tools known to man.  I can have every corner of my house...and perfect order. I can complete impressive and extensive to do lists. And I can try and meet everyone else's expectations of me.  But if I don't follow the plan He has for me, everything else is meaningless.

When I have time with Him, I am able to hear Him throughout the day, directing my steps, leading me to where He wants me to be.   Some days, it might be to teach a Bible study to scores of women or to get all my Christmas shopping done in July. Other days, it might be to rock my baby for hours so that she might sleep when she has an earache.  It could be to visit the inmates in the county jail or take my Mom to the grocery store.  Other days, it might be to listen to a friend whose world is falling apart all around her or to bake chocolate chip pies for the freezer. Sometimes it's to accompany my husband to a ball game or to get some rest so I can get up early the next day. Or it might be to sing some hymns as I sit in wonder at His feet, amazed at His power and wisdom and grace and love.

And sometimes, time with the Lord means pouring out my heart that I messed up the plan.  Failed again to hear Him or to follow the directions that I did hear.  You know what I find at these times?  Grace.  Amazing grace.  Enough to cover all my failures.  All my mistakes.  All my selfishness and laziness and stubbornness and inadequacies.  Forever. And enough grace to pick me up and give me courage to try again. Trying to keep the main thing...the main thing.

Thanks for joining me on the quest to be organized.  I hope you have found some tips that will help you live well the life He's called you to .
But just in case you mess up, remember that the main thing isn't a tidy linen closet.  Nor dinner in the freezer.  Nor a crossed off list of things done. The main thing isn't what you think you need to get done and it's not what everybody else things you ought to do.

The main thing is Him.  And what He wants you to do.  And there is always enough time to do everything He's called you to do.  Every day.