Guest posts

Got something new coming.  I am excited about this!  I have the great privilege to be friends with some really amazing women and they all enrich my life.  Over the coming weeks and months, I will be sharing some of their stories.  Or letting them share them.  These friends are just "ordinary" women whose lives have seen intense difficulties.  Some have endured pain in their marriage.  Others have had their hearts broken by their children.  Still others have gone through difficulties brought on by "life".  All are my heroes.

I've asked several of my friends from all over the country to write a guest post for me.  I've pledged to keep theses anonymous because their stories are personal and much of their pain is private.  These treasured women have agreed to share their hearts with you because they want to encourage others.  To share truth and comfort and hope. 

I'm looking forward to sharing their stories.  You won't know who they are this side of Heaven but you're gonna love 'em.  Promise.

Oh, and if you have a story that you're willing to share, let me know.  I'd love to hear from you.