Recipes for Easter Weekend - for kids (big and small!)

I am all about food.  Anyone that knows me knows that I spell "LOVE" - "F-O-O-D".  Absolutely!  The other thing most folks know about me is that I am a sharer.  That's my version of a teacher.  I don't know anything on my own but I love to share what I learn.  Ideas, tips, great sales, recipes, etc.  I love to share.  If I could, I would send out a worldwide email everytime I try something that works.  Whether it's a parenting solution or a new way to save a dime, if I'm excited about it, there is something in me that compels me to share. 

Here are a couple of easy recipes that not only spell "LOVE" my way, they also teach a story.  THE story.  Can't be anything better!

Meanwhile, I'm gonna work on that worldwide distribution list..............