If you'd like to try some great bread......

I love bread.  I.Love.Bread.  And, apparently bread loves me even more because it chooses to stick around on my hips after I've been eating a bunch.

I know a lot of diet-ers think bread is evil.  I don't.  I mean, really, would Jesus have described Himself as "The Bread of Life" if we were supposed to do without it???

That said, I do have to be carb-conscious.  Not carb-eliminating, like I tried for awhile.  ugh.  Not a good thing. I'll spare you the details.  Just know it didn't work for me.  At all.  But carb-conscious, or low-glycemic is proving to be a good approach for me.  Disclaimer - I am not a nutritionist or a physician or anything close.  But I am trying to age gracefully and relatively healthfully and ward off Type II diabetes.  So I'm careful on the carbs.

That said, I do not want to do without bread!!!  And I don't think I should - not just because I don't want to :) but because I think bread can add to health and happiness.  SO, I want to share a bread recipe - it's easy-peasy I promise -- that I love.   It feels so cool to bake bread and then eat the whole thing, I mean, serve it to your family!

Check out this link and let me know if you love it as much as I do!  Again, I promise, this thing is EASY.  (there are references in there to an approach of eating called "Trim Healthy Mama" - it's very interesting, too, but the main thing I am sharing is this bread!!)