The Project

Many months ago, I found myself down in the dumps.  In sort of a spiritual desert.  I kept most of my feelings to myself but inside, I felt sad. And discontented.  Actually a bit numb.  And it seemed like I was just going through the motions instead of embracing life. I didn't even feel connected to my Heavenly Father.   I wanted to regain authentic joy and the zest for life I was accustomed to.  But my normal little "pick me ups" didn't deliver.

Waiting til I "felt" like serving and loving wasn't an option.  The demands of my life are the same for  most of you - we have to keep on keeping on in spite of what our emotions register.  So I kept on.  But I wanted it to be more.

God gave me a project.  Apparently He's dispensing the same idea to lots of other folks because a couple of months ago, one of my favorite young women gave me a very popular book that proposes a similar idea.  And I've heard 2-3 other women say they have embarked on kindred undertakings.

Here's what He told me to do.

Keep a list of times where I observe His activity in my life. 

Not a list of things I'm thankful for - although that's a good idea, too.  But rather incidences that remind me that He is at work on my behalf.  Sometimes it's "little" things like finding a recipe for granola bars that I wanted.  Or getting some new contacts that make my life go so much smoother.  Or enjoying the daffodils in my yard.
Or big things like hearing that God spoke to someone through something I said. Or having Him remind me to pay a bill I'd forgotten...before it was overdue!   Or being convicted of sin.  Or seeing Him move in the life of a family member. Or a relationship restored.

I asked Him to open my eyes so that I could see Him at work.  I tried to jot things down every day but some days I missed.

  This "project" proved effective in spite of my omissions.

I just looked back at my lists and noted the dates.  In about six weeks, my spirit was rejuvenated.  I was already leaving the desert.  Hope and joy were blossoming.

I've continued "the project".  I hope I never stop.  I want to always see His hand on my life.

And, if I somehow wander back into that desert, I have a feeling that the project in this spiral bound composition book will be the map to lead me out again.