To the single Dads

I thought about this post all day.  And just couldn't get it to type itself.  The words wouldn't flow.  The thoughts were jumbled.  I wanted to write a tribute for Father's Day.  About my own precious Daddy and about the magnificent Daddy to my four kids.

But all I could think about were some fellas who were observing this day as a single dad.  And I knew no Mom was there to prepare them a special dessert or to see that cards were made or gifts were purchased.  And I cried and cried and cried for them.

I know men don't get all hyped up about holidays and I know they probably don't see this day the way Moms see their counterpart celebration in May.  But I hurt for them anyway.  'Specially because the fellas I have on my mind didn't choose to be single.

And then I cried for their kids.  I wondered if their hearts hurt because they realized Daddy was supposed to be celebrated today and they didn't know how to pull that off. 

It's not that I didn't have these hurts on Mother's Day when I thought about my girl friends in this same plight.  It's just that it seems to me that men don't get the same sympathy. And I'll bet they hurt and feel alone and defeated, too.

I don't have anything encouraging to offer.  No words of counsel.  I just needed to acknowledge these men somehow.  Even in such a small way, I hope they find some comfort and some courage in the fact that somebody notices.  Actually Somebody way more important than this blog.

He sees.  He cares.  He sustains.  He will not forsake.

Happy Father's Day to every single man who loves his children.  Thank you.  To all of you.