A Grandmother's Love

To Katie, Trey, Blake, Mary, Elizabeth, Chip, and Betsy

I was cleaning up my kitchen with no intent to eavesdrop but then I heard my Mom in the next room extolling the virtues of each grandchild.  Deciding to scrub the sink til it was shiny, I moved closer to the wall between us....

My folks moved in with us last year and it's been a sweet time of transition.  They've loved the close proximity of seven practically perfect grandchildren (with four obligatory adults thrown in for good measure) and we've enjoyed their company.  Pulling up 50+year old roots is never easy, though.  The adjustment has been made much easier because my AT&T hubby figured out a way to let them keep their landline number.  Friends can stay in touch with ease.  Thank goodness.

And it was one of those friends who phoned this morning that got to hear about the grands.  Not sure if the conversation will remain on her radar but it's one I will surely treasure forever.  I wish the spectacular seven could've somehow listened in as well. 

There is no doubt in any of our minds how much my folks love these kids.  Not one shred.  They've enjoyed each stage reached, every feat attempted, and all the experiences shared.  They've cheered and defended and supported.  They've applauded and worried and bragged. And they've made it abundantly clear that they love these kids.  Oh, how they've loved the spectacular seven!  The "wonderful one-rs", they say. 

So it was not surprising to hear my Mother lauding the virtues of her grands.  But, as expected as that was, her perspective on each individual one was overpowering.  I wish how I wish that they could  have heard her.  And even more so to see themselves through her eyes.  She wasn't boasting.  She wasn't grandstanding.  She wasn't even enlarging the truth.

She was just describing them from her perspective, calling it like she saw it.  Oh, for the gift of seeing oneself through such eyes of love!

I'll not share the specifics of what I overheard today.  Some things are just meant to be kept personal.  But my everlasting prayer is that these kids of mine and those of my brother would somehow see themselves as their grandmother does.

I think it's a whole lot like the way our Heavenly Father sees His kids..............