Those church people............

As for the saints in the land, they are the excellent ones,
    in whom is all my delight.   Psalm 16:3

Sometimes I hear people complain about or criticize folks in church.  Labeling them (us) as hypocrites.  As shallow and unthinking.  Or cold and judgmental.  As too too legalistic.  Uncaring...or unwise.  Too boring...not serious enough.  Yep, all those things and more are often levied against God's people. 

And they're probably all true.  At least of me, anyway, at some point or another.

But my take on the church - well, I love it!  I find the "saints in the land" to be "the excellent ones" for sure.  "All my delight" is upon those who go by the name "Christian". 

I agree they - uh, we - aren't perfect and perhaps we deserve the criticism we get. We've each one dropped the ball at times and, in all honesty, inflicted hurt upon and/or endured hurt from the people that are supposed to love us the best. But I wouldn't trade my fellow believers for all the other people in the world.  God's folks are the best.  I don't know how anybody survives without the Body of Christ.  The saints have welcomed me when my family has moved to a new town.  Fed us when we had babies. Laughed with us over funny stories.    Supported us when we had crises. Prayed for us when we faced decisions. Defended us when we were attacked.  Rejoiced with us when God brought blessings and cried with us when times were tough. Showed up out of the blue to help us with projects that we feared we couldn't do alone.  I've seen the saints pay bills for folks they didn't even know, buy cars for a needy family anonymously, and house kids going through rough times. 

I don't know what your experience is with the people of God, but I'm here to tell you, mine proves they are the best people in all the world.

And I just want to go on record as saying  I love you all!!