Lessons learned from The Grinch

When my Katie told me that Jonathan wears his Grinch shirt and walks around the house whispering "I must stop Christmas from coming!  I must stop Christmas from coming!" I thought about how many times I have felt the same way. Although it's one of my family's all time favorite movies, it has been known to evoke terror in my heart.  Like when I was a little kid and my brother would terrorize me with his "Grinch" voice all season. (After Christmas was over, he tormented me with his "wicked witch" voice and I was the only kid in my town who was afraid of "The Wizard of Oz".  Gotta love big brothers.)
Anyhow, back to The Grinch.

I just love that story. The songs, the characters, the message. It's timeless.

I've come to appreciate different things from this classic through the years.(The cartoon one is my preference, by the way.  The updated one leaves something to be desired)  As my love for Christmas has morphed and aged, the things I observe and appreciate have altered. I eventually outgrew my fear of the Grinch voice, but I always saw him as mean and pathetic and bad.

  Now I think perhaps I understand him.

Maybe he was just tired and dreaded all that Christmas seemed to demand that he do.  I can relate.


Now don't ban me from your inbox.  Don't shake your finger at me and remind me of what Christmas is all about and scold me to enjoy it. 
I get that.

I love the story of Christmas.  The meaning of God's plan being unfolded and my Savior leaving Heaven to come rescue us all.  I not only love that, I cling to it with desperation.

What I'd like to "stop from coming" is what we've done to Christmas.  Or what I can so easily let happen to it in my heart.

Things to do.  Places to do.  Stuff to buy and plan and fix.  Expectations to meet.
That's what turns me into the Grinch.

Although I can easily downsize my heart and miss the joy of Christmas as quickly as snowmen melt at the beach, I realized this season that I have learned some things through the years.  Some things that help me truly enjoy the season.  Some things that keep my heart the right size and in the right place.  Some things that "stop (the wrong) Christmas from coming"......

How to S-T-O-P Christmas..........

Over the next few posts, I am going to share some concepts that help me "STOP" Christmas and enjoy it instead.  I hope you'll stick around......