Yesterday I wrote a post to encourage my fellow homeschooling Moms.  Some folks that are new on this often lonely/discouraging/self-doubt inducing journey asked for some perspective of one with two decades logged on the trail.

What I posted was intended to encourage but it wound up being hurtful.  Mostly to my son.

In my blurry mind, I thought I had his permission to share his very personal thoughts but that was not his intent at all.  He works very hard not to offend anyone with his views or choices or opinions and my post jeopardized that.  My son is a man of integrity and compassion and his deepest desire is to build bridges to people, not walls.

While I don't apologize for my unabashed support for homeschooling, I deeply regret sharing what he didn't want public.  Additionally, if anyone other than homeschooling Moms read that post (even though I sincerely asked that you not), I publicly ask your forgiveness

Thank you.