Love is an Apple Pie

Life has inevitable valleys. 

Some darker and deeper than others.  But there's no escaping the valleys.

There are just gonna be some in every life.  We all have to walk them.

And in those valleys, there are some places that have to be walked in single file.  Places where no one can walk beside you or even carry you - you have to walk through certain spots in the valleys alone.

I know that Christ is always with us, of course, but there are places we simply have to pass through solo.  Narrow canyons where not even the closest friends or dearest of family can join us.

It's hard to see someone you love traversing those treacherous ravines.  So often we just don't know how to help.  Responses can range from avoidance to offers of "let me know if I can help" to finding excuses for non-action.  Intuitively we know that some places in the valley are single file...but we fail to realize that we are not helpless to empower those who find themselves there.

There are things that can be done that help.

I am finding those places lonely indeed.  But bearable because of those who stand on the rim of the canyon, pouring out love in a thousand different forms.

Love in the form of

texts that assure me of love and prayers
VIP treatment at my favorite pharmacy
cards in the mailbox
videos of adorable babies that I long to squeeze and kiss
an extra long hug from one who's already navigated this particular canyon
a quick phone call that says "I care about you and yours"
impromptu prayers in the Publix parking lot
homemade muffins and energy balls and a casserole
CFA milkshakes and a jitterbug dance
reaching out to wipe my tears...and crying with me
the sharing of a funny moment or saying from a kid I adore
a simple "how are things today"
a homemade apple pie, delivered warm from the oven
even the kindness of a stranger who has no clue of the journey I'm on

All these things are strangely...beautifully...powerful aid for the solitary places in the valley.

I am grateful.  For love.  Always.  But especially now.