Blog-savvy I am not....

Hello friends-
I am still a novice at understanding blog-world and cyber-techniques.  Some readers have told me they have signed up for email but don't get the posts.  So I checked into what I could figure out...there are several email addresses that show up as "unverified".  (Sounds like work for CIA or something....)  So I am doing some detective work to see how to get their posts to them via email..

If you receive Living Letters via email, please let me know.  If you signed up to receive them that way and do not get them, please let me know.  If you only read through FB postings, also let me know.

And if you want to get them through email, there is a place to sign up on the site.  The view of the site shows up differently on mobile devices than on laptops so you may have to search around til you find the place to submit your email.

Thanks for reading - I love e-chatting with you!!