Don't Quit

For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God you may receive what is promised” Hebrews 10:36.

We need endurance all the time. We need it in times of pain and difficulty, so as not to give up. We need it in times of temptation, so that we won’t give in. We need it when we are weary of the battle and no sign of victory is in sight. We need endurance in prayer when the answers are not coming…and when the answer comes and it is “no”. We need it when the attacks of the Enemy are so very real and frightening that we feel defeat is inevitable. We need it when we feel that no one notices – or cares – about our battles and our pain.   And we need it in times of prosperity so that we won’t give away our faith and find our pleasure in that which will not satisfy truly. We need endurance, that consistent satisfaction in knowing Christ and making Him known, all the time.

How can we endure to the end, how can we persevere throughout the valleys and mountains of life? Probably lots of things are helpful but I want to focus on a couple today -

1. Absolute confidence in the love and sovereignty of God

Knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt, regardless of what goes on all around me, that God is simultaneously 100% love and 100% sovereign is a great faith-builder in my life. Without this confidence, I am tempted to fear or dismay or even bitterness when things seem to not be going “according to plan”. With this certain assurance, I am able to trust that whatever things seem like is not what is important. Instead, I am relying on God’s sovereign love to work all things for His glory and my good. That helps me persevere, waiting to receive what has been promised.

2. Consistent times with the Lord, on a daily basis

I can know all the right things, believe all the right Truth, but without a steady, regular commitment to times of prayer and Bible study, I will inevitably stumble and fall away. Consistent time with the Lord strengthen our souls. Read Romans 15:4 and see what how it exhorts us:


Daily handling of the Sword of the Spirit makes us better warriors. Read Ephesians 5:16-19 and see how this urges us towards perseverance.

Finally, read Romans 10:17 and see what builds our faith.