Living Letters is a book!

Dear Blog Friends,

Guess what!!!! I wrote a book!  I have been pretty absent from blog world so I could get this project done and here it is!  It's a year long devotional (5 days a week only - I always need a couple of days to catch up and thought other folks would, too!).  I have had an absolute blast putting it together and I'd love for you to join me in reading through it this year.  My prayer is that it will help other women fall more in love with Jesus and His Word as they immerse themselves in His riches. 

It's available in Kindle format for you digital gals and also in print version for those of us who love the feel of turning pages.  If you want to order the print book from me, you can do that by emailing me at   You can pick it up to save shipping costs or I can mail it to you, just like Amazon does.

If you're in the Athens/Watkinsville area, I plan to have a book signing in December (isn't that a hoot??? )  I'll put the details on here once they are confirmed and I'd more than love it if you'd come by and give me a hug, whether you get a book or not!

Many thanks to so many of you who encouraged me to do this, praying for me, giving me ideas, and showering me with love.  You are truly the best.  And more than a huge shoutout to two women who made this project possible - Tricia Bauman and Mandy Rice.  Priceless treasures does not even begin to describe you both.  Thank you!!!

Check out the link - and Merry Christmas, sisters