I need your help! Please answer these questions !

I am doing a bit of research and I need your input please.  The topic is loneliness.  Please take a few minutes and answer these questions.  You may answer on the blog, email me chamfam@bellsouth.net or print out and mail to me at 1011 Broadlands Drive/Watkinsville GA 30677.  I will not disclose anything personal (unless you ask me to!).  I would be so grateful for your help.  I need your responses by the middle of August.  Tks!

1.      Knowing that everyone experiences loneliness at some point, how frequently would you say you feel lonely?

2.       Do you believe the problem of loneliness in the world has gotten worse?

3.       Do you think men and women experience and handle loneliness differently? Please elaborate.

4.       Can you describe a time your feelings of loneliness were debilitating?

5.       What are some ways you address your own loneliness?

6.       What are some things you would suggest to someone who feels lonely?

7.       What do you think are root causes of loneliness?

8.      Please share anything else you would like me to hear.